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The supply of OSG screw spiral screw specifications quality assurance

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Screw tap.
Screw tap for machining of steel wire Lo sets of mounting holes of the special thread, the structure size in accordance with the national standards "requirements" GB3464-83 standard manufacturing wire vertebral and hand shank machine with machine, also can be in hand.
[editor this paragraph] screw tap classification
According to the use of screw tap can be divided into hand machine taps, light alloy, ordinary steel machine and hand taps, special tap three. 1, light alloy machine and hand taps: for aluminum, magnesium alloy and copper alloy and other non-ferrous metal alloy, pitch in 2.5mm following a single tap, the pitch is greater than or equal to 2.5mm for double. Marking method: STd * pST wire Lo sets of special internal thread code. Mark example: used in light alloy processing and installation specifications for special tap 8 * 1.25 steel screw thread bottom hole, marked as ST8 * 1.252, ordinary steel machine and hand taps for machining internal thread steel, cast iron, cast steel and other metal materials, is a double tap. 3, special tap: according to user needs, design and manufacture all kinds of special varieties of screw tap, such as tapping in the soft aluminum, copper on the machine and hand taps, extrusion tap, tap, stainless steel tapping blind holes for the bottom tap, spiral tap, screw tip tap with a single common steel tapping special machine.
[editor this paragraph] the choice of screw tap
Straight fluted tap versatility is very strong, through holes or blind holes, non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal can be used, the price is cheap, but the quality is poor. Spiral fluted tap processing more suitable blind hole thread processing chip discharged backwards. In the processing of ferrous metal, less smaller spiral angle about choice, generally around 30 degrees, can guarantee the spiral tooth strength. In the processing of nonferrous metal, spiral angle selection a little less about, generally around 45 degrees, so can some sharp cutting. Extrusion tap more suitable for processing non-ferrous metal casting, especially Aluminum Alloy, it is the main thread of metal extrusion, deformation, formation. Extrusion is a cutting process, the extrusion forming process of processing screw thread hole, high tensile strength, shear strength, surface roughness is better, but require a higher extrusion tap hole, too big, strength is not enough; too small easy to cause fracture of tap. Spiral pointed tap processing more suitable screw through holes, when cutting out forward. Solid core of large size, high strength, large cutting force, so the processing of non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, black metal effect is good.